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Monday, July 24, 2006

Kursus Pada 29 & 30 July

29 July 2006
Room 1
Kursus Variety Bread - Potatoes Bread, Raisin Bread, Casterd Bread, France Loafr Bread
Instructor : Chef Musa Abu Bakar
Room 2
Kursus Butter Cream Cake Decoration - Cara Topping, Campuran Warna, Daun, Tirai & Gubahan Bunga
Instructor : Chef Syed Ramli Syed Isa

30 July 2006
Room 1
Kursus Variety Bun Donut - 12 Jenis Bun Dan 6 Jenis Donut
Instructor : Chef Musa Abu Bakar
Room 2
Kursus Chocolate Moist Cake, Cheese Cake & Chiffon Cake
Instuctor : Chef Syed Ramli Syed Isa

Jika sudi nak datang kursus, sila la hubungi saya 019-38240679cheffarid)


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