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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kursus Bakeri 27, 28 Mei 2006

27 Mei 2006
Room 1 - Kursus Pembuatan Roti, pizza & donut ( mempelajari teknik pembuatan Bun. 12 jenis Bun dan 6 jenis donut ) - Concept "Hands On"

Room 2 - Kursus Fresh cream Cake ( Mempelajari membuat Sponge Cake, seterusnya membuat Black Forest Cake, Blueberry Cake & Fruit Flan Cake ) - Concept "Hands On"

28 Mei 2006
Room 1 - Kursus Chocolate Moist Cake ( Membuat Chocolate Moist Topping, Chocolate Moist Cake, Cheese Cake & Chiffon Cake ) Concept "Hands On"

Room 2 - Kursus Butter Cream Cake Decoration (Mempelajari teknik membuat cream, bunga, daun, tirai hiasan dan campuran warna yang sesuai) Concept "Hands On"

Berminat, sila hubungi Chef Farid 019-3824067 & 03-41078917


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